On the road Part II

November 10, 2009

Got a breather in my travels, and I found this GEM on Fox News, from the inestimable Charles Krauthammer, commenting on the egregious Major Hasan:

“I was a psychiatrist. I can’t remember a single instance of a psychiatrist who went around shooting people. Maybe I missed the epidemic. But all of a sudden if the shooter is called Nidal Hasan, all of a sudden everybody invents this secondary post-traumatic stress syndrome which had never existed until yesterday.”

I couldn’t agree more. Dr. Krauthammer specifically mentions earlier in his commentary the innumerable other psychiatrists, physical therapists, counselors, ad nauseam, who hear tales that would curdle your morning latte and they never snapped. But if a Muslim does this, we are suddenly supposed to excuse his outburst?

NO ONE in the military that I ever knew or know now has a word to say in favor of Lieutenant William Calley, the infamous and disgusting perpetrator of the slaughter at My Lai in Vietnam. He’d seen terrible things, had had terrible things done to his troops. He snapped. So what is the difference between these two pieces of shit? One is Muslim. A follower of the religion of peace. And therefore above the opprobrium which is (rightfully) heaped on Calley? Nice double standard.

OK, a free linguistics lesson, kids. Why do people say “Islam is the religion of peace”? Linguistics. Most Arabic words can be reduced to a two- or three-syllable root. In the case of “Islam”, this root is the same root that goes into the word “Salaam”, or “peace.” (Hebrew renders it as “Shalom.”) So the untutored render the two words, “Islam” and “Salaam”, as intertwined. Gotcha. Just as “jihad” (holy war”) and “ijtihad” (struggling against the baser parts of oneself) are mentioned in the same breath, making “jihad” as harmless as giving up bad personal or spiritual habits one happens to have.

This misconception causes people to urge everyone to understand Islam is the Religion of Peace, when linguistics and common sense would tend to argue against it. I have seen stories of Hindu mobs raging against Muslim (and Christian) congregants in India, yet these are horrible and thankfully isolated circumstances. Hindus in Australia do not, to my knowledge, urge their coreligionists to slaughter non-Hindus. Christians do not, as a rule of religion, urge each other to slaughter Muslims, Hindus, or Jews. Did they use to? Sure. Was it horrible and inexcusable? Absolutely. Yet in the US, criticism, opprobrium, ridicule and even anger are heaped on Christians (and to some extent, Jews) by the mainstream culture without fear of reprisal. Why?

Because Christians and Jews don’t overreact, shoot everyone in sight, detonate suicide vests, nor do they drive an old Chrysler LeBaron into the local green grocer’s and detonate 300 pounds’ worth of explosives. Who does? Muslims. And if not specifically, who are we afraid would do that? Here’s a hint: they aren’t Rosicrucians.

This is in no way to denigrate Muslims. But every single significant attack over the past twenty years (from the Marine Barracks murder of 241 good men to the USS Cole to the first and second World Trade Center attacks to the London Underground bombings to the Bali bombing to the Khobar Towers bombing to the innumerable rocket and missile attacks on civilians in Israel) has one common basis: the Religion of Peace.

Salman Rushdie could have saved himself a lot of pain and expense if he’d denigrated Catholicism instead of Islam in “The Satanic Verses.”But he would have gotten a lot less publicity. Bill Maher “bravely” stands up against Christianity every time he can because he knows one thing: Christians aren’t going to come after him. We pray for him. We ask God to open his eyes and his heart. But we won’t go after him physically. Why?

Two reasons:
1. God asks us to forgive those who would treat us like that;
2. Bill Maher ain’t worth the effort. Come on, if he weren’t loaded, would ANY Playboy Bunny (and they aren’t exactly known for their mental acuity) be seen in public with him?

So we have Major Hasan, who is alleged to have reached out to Al Qaeda, and the MSM is supposedly worried about an anti-Islamic backlash? That’s like breaking open a beehive and worrying about a backlash from peanut-butter manufacturers. We need a re-focusing of our attention in America, and stop pussy-footing around the irrefutable connection between Islam and terror. This isn’t a condemnation of Muslims, but to say there is no connection because all Muslims are not radical is specious at best, and lethal at worst.


Tuesday, still on the road

November 10, 2009


I’ve spent thirty years traveling in the service and as a civilian, and I always hate it. The rushing around, jet lag, crowded airports,…. it all raises my blood pressure and makes me feel anything but happy to be there. But, I DO have a job, so all that is just whining on my part. Just ignore it.

It appears the good people at CAIR are, like the White House, Janet Napolitano at DHS, and some in the Army, ready for another of those often-discussed (but oddly enough, rarely seen) “backlashes” against Muslims in the wake of Major Hasan’s shooting spree. From BigGovernment.com:

Or as Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR instructed MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:
“I’m really not happy to see that his religion is becoming the subject…even if this guy uttered the words Allahu Akhbar or God is great, so what? It tells me that this is an isolated incident…We need to find out how he thinks and what he did, but I will NEVER come to the conclusion that religion is the motive…”


I read somewhere the other day a cool observation: When all of the chattering classes are busy worrying about an anti-Muslim backlash, did it occur to them to realize that the vast majority of innocent Muslim lives are taken by other Muslims? And they are deliberately targeted? There was a clip I saw on LiveLeak (since removed, I think) about an Apache helicopter observing a couple of guys burying an IED in a road bed. The pilot had been observing the two cretins burying the bomb, gathering evidence to justify shooting them, and was just standing off, waiting. Then the pilot saw a little kid run out of a nearby tent, and immediately shouted, “Oh, shit!” He was more concerned about the potentially lost life of a kid than the perpetrators of the resulting explosion (no more than thirty yards or so from the tent).

Election aftermath and narcissism

November 5, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is insisting that the election debacle for the Dems yesterday was a triumph for health care. Wow. I would love to know the color of the sky of the planet she lives on–it must be very pretty, seeing as it’s so far from planet Earth.

David Axelrod, one of Obama’s “senior advisors”, insists that the historic wins by Republicans in Virginia (the first time in decades, apparently, that one party swept all three positions of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General) and New Jersey were not nearly as important as the one-year position won by Bill Owens (D-NY) in the now-famous 23rd Congressional District. So he’s saying that this far corner of New York, where Hillary Clinton was no doubt born, is suddenly the most important district of the year? David. Please.

To add insult to injury, the President was supposedly watching TV last night instead of concentrating on the Most Important Race of the Year (and the piddly gubernatorial races). It seems, according to Rush Limbaugh, the President was watching an HBO special. On himself. Which he’d already seen.

Nope, no narcissism there.

With the off-year elections done, and with Abdullah Abdullah dropping out of the presidential race in Afghanistan, now Mr. Obama has no excuse not to concentrate on the little things in life.

Like Afghanistan.

A day late and a dollar short, but…

November 4, 2009

THIS was too good to pass up. I found this on National Review Online (via Ace of Spades HQ). No one said anything about the elections being a referendum on Obama’s leadership, nope. Nothing to see here… Remember: this is supposed to be a Creigh Deeds poster.





The day after the election

November 4, 2009

OK, so I don’t have a future as a political prediction guy. I was wrong about New Jersey and New York. But, that having been said, I am tickled pink by the outcomes. Chris Christie has a golden opportunity to show New Jersey voters how serious he is about fiscal conservatism and ethical governance. Good Republicans (not to mention all of the other voters who elected him) need to hold Christie’s feet to the fire. Just because he’s been elected doesn’t mean squat if he just turns out to be Corzine II.

I must admit I’m bummed about the NY-23 race, if nothing else because Doug Hoffman just seemed like such a nice guy. But just as adversity brings out the real individual, I have seen the guys who would step up to the plate and support real conservatives. Mostly I am thinking about Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson. While “their guy” didn’t win, those two (as well as the other guys who supported Hoffman) hung onto conservative values in public. Good on ’em.

On the same topic, I have lost additional respect for Newt Gingrich, the triangulating man from Georgia (yeah, by way of Pennsylvania). Newt is a newly converted Catholic. Didn’t anybody tell him during his RCIA classes that (good) Catholics don’t support abortion? Dede Scozzafava got the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood! Geez, Newt! Scozzafava has apparently nothing in common with Republicans other than an “R” at the end of her party affiliation statement. Yeah, she’s dependable.

My biggest shock, oddly enough, comes with the knowledge that Maine voters rejected same-sex “marriage.” From Fox News:

“Gay marriage has now lost in every single state — 31 in all — in which it has been put to a popular vote.”

Get the hint.


Gorgeous morning: we’re probably a couple of days away from the first frost, but this morning was picture-perfect: clear, sunny, nicely cold. Had a good run along the river, and I am trying to keep from getting too tied to the area. Saturday is my last day of vacation, and then it’s back to work and all the fun that goes along with the Sandbox. Yippee.

Virginia goes red!

November 4, 2009

OK, the Virginia electorate is not only smart (they elected a Republican Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and an Attorney General), but they’re efficient: with polls closing at 7:00 PM local, they were able to announce the results well before 10:00 PM. New Jersey is still too close to call, but I’m suspecting the more populous precincts will be voting heavily for Corzine and won’t announce until some time later this evening. No word so far on New York’s 23rd Congressional District race. But I just read polls were open until 9:00 PM, so it’ll be a while. My hope is Hoffman will win there, making at least two races against the Dems.

But now it’s late (for me), so it’s off to bed. See you tomorrow.

Best headline of the day so far

November 3, 2009

From FoxNews:

“In Key elections, Republicans sense victory, Democrats play down results”